a spread

darlings, i do not have a full newsletter in me today, but i have pulled some cards for us regardless. the guidebook for the ophidia rosa tarot is less of a guidebook and more of a sheet of paper with a line of poetry for each card.

for the seven of swords, it says: “charmed by self-lovers, armed for the others.” for the empress: “perfect light set to hatch, perfect seedlings to burst, a creation is calling an ocean of thirst.” and the moon: “pulling at blooms, we share in the light, with our days spent absorbing to create through the night.”

this week, keep what you need for yourself, but don’t be greedy. pay attention to your dreams. ask yourself what seeds you are germinating, and if you know how they will bloom.


previously, in the empress: 12/1/19; 2/2/20

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