two of pentacles

balance / change / flexibility / fun //

when i was eighteen, a boy i was about to make out with for the first time quoted the play buried child at me (i had been making him run lines with me as a method of flirting); the line goes, “what’s wrong with you is that you take the situation too seriously.” i don’t remember if he quoted the whole thing, or if it was just the latter part. i do remember that i told him that i couldn’t not take the situation too seriously.

my moon is in virgo, an earth sign: my emotions have grounded me; i have always taken them too seriously.

i am better, now, than i was as a teenager, as an early adult, when the fury of my untamed aries ascendant turned my emotions into a volcano at the slightest sight of change. the volcano is dormant, these days, or, i have learned to direct the lava flow away from those who might be injured by it.

(a note for those who may be astrology skeptics: i do not use astrology as an excuse for my behavior but as a way to talk about it.)

the two of pentacles, on the other hand, reminds us that we should have fun with change. “balance, oh you libra,” i write every time i draw it for myself, but i’m still missing the point, being too serious. this card wants us to face change “with the grace of a newly formed butterfly” (the wild unknown); it “ask[s] what fun you might find in the balance” (mesquite tarot); it reminds us that “being adaptable and flexible […] makes you more resilient” (sasuraibito tarot).

darlings, this week, let’s shake off our seriousness. let’s see what fun we can have.


also allow me to wish my dear friend rosalind a very happy birthday - i’m so pleased to bookend september with you!


this week’s deck: sasuraibito tarot
this week’s crystals: citrine, mookaite jasper