ending / closure / transformation //

i wanted to write about something seasonally appropriate and cheerful: the ways we gather and celebrate light in darkness, perhaps. the cards do not always listen to me, however, and we are left instead with the hard truth of the season: death.

as i wrote back in summer, the card is less about literal dying and more about transformation. i have been going through my own transformation these past couple months, as i realized that i could no longer muscle my way through dealing with my anxiety and depression. something needed to change.

change is rarely easy, though, and the week after i started brain meds was an incredibly rough one. today i increased my dosage and i am bracing for another rough week. it is difficult work, and necessary.

whether you are celebrating this week or transforming, or both, remember to be kind to yourselves, darlings. we’ve made it through the darkest part of the year, and i believe in you.


this week’s deck: mesquite tarot