four of wands

celebration / joy / ceremony //

the four of wands is a card commonly associated with celebrations, especially weddings. yesterday i had the honor of reading a poem at my dear friend erin’s wedding, and i thought i would share it with you, too, my darlings.


from the ivy crown
by william carlos williams

We are only mortal
but being mortal
can defy our fate.
We may
by an outside chance
even win! We do not
look to see
jonquils and violets
come again
but there are,
the roses!

Romance has no part in it.
The business of love is
cruelty which,
by our wills,
we transform to live together.
It has its seasons,
for and against,
whatever the heart
fumbles in the dark
to assert
toward the end of May.
Just as the nature of briars
is to tear flesh,
I have proceeed
through them.
the briars out,
they say.
You cannot live
and keep free of


this week’s deck: mesquite tarot
this week’s crystals: rose quartz