when i was younger, my solitude was something i struggled against. i knew that everyone else was out in the world, enjoying themselves and each other, while there i was, alone. i took solace in writing things to the internet and, eventually, learned to love my solitude so much that i jealously guarded it, like a dragon over its hoard.

but, you know, i still like writing things to the internet and this is just the latest incarnation of that. i don’t know exactly what this newsletter will look like, but my hope is to - at the very least - send out a tarot card each week with a little bit of (prose) writing. probably sometimes i’ll sneak some lines of poetry in, or some photos, or a little witchery, or whatever it is that i’m particularly into that week. it’s going to be a little loosey-goosey.

(right now everything will be free & open to everyone, but i may add a paid option later. we’ll see! who ever knows what the future holds!)

so: let’s get started.
the hermit encourages us to go within, to relish that solitude and use it as a guiding light. i really love this particular hermit image - just a hand, holding a light. it calls to mind samwise and the light of earendil, which then of course calls to mind galadriel in her woods, guiding the fellowship. it’s so hopeful, this vision of being lit up by being alone.

everything feels very tough, lately, but we can make it through another week. take care and remember your inner light, darlings.

this week’s deck: mesquite tarot