knight of pentacles

hard-working / methodical / loyal / dedicated //

i have lived in my current residence for five and a half years, which - at the age of thirty-three - is the longest i have ever lived in one place. my family moved constantly when i was a child; i attended at least four different elementary schools. the trauma situated at the center of my childhood spanned two different houses. i moved out, into dorms, into apartments, across the country.

now i am here, in this one-room apartment, my witch’s hut. i could probably move (i would, after all, like to have more than one room) but i am loathe to do so, having achieved a measure of the stability i have been seeking my entire life.

part of it is also fear, of course. i fear that the stability won’t last, that i’ll be forced back into temping, that an emergency will happen and deplete me of my savings. i fear that moving into a more expensive, more expansive space will trap me in my current job. i fear that this stability makes me less interesting, less creative.

the knight of pentacles has been following me this month, fitting for stable capricorn season. i hadn’t actually unpacked why that might be until i pulled it for today’s newsletter (the fifth time i’ve pulled it this month). as i’ve probably mentioned before, i don’t particularly like the suit of pentacles, being a swords girl through and through.

the sasuraibito tarot guide says that the knight’s “method is not glamorous or original, but it does work.” lately i have been leaning into my sun in the sixth house of routine, knowing that things like eating and sleeping enough help my anxious brain, but my sun is still in libra and i want glamour, too.

(why yes i am deepening my astrology knowledge, thank you for noticing.)

this week, darlings, let’s find ways to make our daily routines glamorous, to enjoy the things we need to do.


this week’s deck: sasuraibito tarot
this week’s rock: just a very smooth rock i found many years ago