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i have been stuck, creatively, for years now, with two exceptions: this newsletter, and d&d. even those have been hard to stick to, sometimes, which is why sometimes this newsletter is just a poem, or a few sentences, or a series of photographs. i know there is an audience, however, and so i try to stick to the schedule i set for myself. (thank you for reading! you help me commit to writing every week!)

d&d is a different beast, though, because it is a tremendous amount of effort for an audience of three. (sometimes i do talk about the adventures to people who are not in the campaign, but the audience still maxes out at, like, six people.) each session is hours and hours of prep work, pages and pages of notes.

you can probably guess where this is going: i have had a hard time motivating myself to work on sessions. part of this is that our playing schedule is erratic, due to busy calendars and sickness and a multitude of other things. mostly, though, it’s just a matter of being uninspired.

yesterday, though, i set aside to work on the campaign. i dug through the books, i revisited some lore, and there it was - the spark of inspiration. and this is what i thought of when i read the entry in the sasuraibito tarot guide book for the page of wands: “think of your creative spirit as a fire - therefore, it needs fuel - wood. throw some wood on your fire!”

it’s not enough to sit and wait for inspiration, my darlings. sometimes we must feed the fire to keep it going. this week, let’s ask ourselves what fuels our creativity.


this week’s deck: sasuraibito tarot
this week’s crystals: desert rose, carnelian