seven of stones

courage / inner strength / defiance //

solitude is a thing i have been well-acquainted with since youth. it has not always been a thing i enjoyed or relished, as i do now, but it shaped me like any other long-term relationship. it taught me how to stand alone, how to be myself.

four years ago, when i received my first tarot deck, the seven of wands was one of the first cards i loved. i recognized the energy of it: a thing alone, a light in the darkness.

one of the things that made november and the anxiety/depression that accompanied it so difficult was the way it robbed me of my solitude. i didn’t trust myself to be alone with my own mind for very long, lest i fall into a pit of despair that i couldn’t get out of.

which is why i want to pair the card i drew, the seven of stones, with the ten of blooms (or cups). it’s a card that came up in a reading a friend did for me recently, a card about community and being supported. i am beginning to reconnect to solitude, to stand on my own once more, but that would not have been possible without the support of my community.

to be sentimental: my friends are the best and i love them so fucking much.

one thing i like about the seven of stones is that the horn is supported by all the crystals growing at its base, unlike the seven of wands i first loved from the wild unknown, where all the other wands fall away. there’s a nice symmetry between the crystals and the flower supporting the drop of water.

this week, darlings, allow yourselves to be supported by your community, if you need it, or to offer support, if someone else does. none of us can do this alone.


this week’s deck: the wooden tarot
this week’s crystals: rose quartz, selenite, kyanite