six of bones

sharing / growth / generosity //

i don’t really do reversals in tarot, because the meaning of a card in any given moment is dependent on so much: what deck i’m using, how i’m feeling that day, what media i’ve consumed recently, if i’m pulling a single card or doing a reading, etc.

take today’s card, for instance. the six of bones - or pentacles - is about growth and prosperity, and generosity. this could lead to a very positive interpretation, but today i’m using the wooden tarot, because body horror has been on my mind, because sometimes living in a body, in my body, is a horror. so today i take a darker interpretation, one of unchecked growth and things growing that should not.

(don’t worry too much; i just have an infected toe and an anxious brain, plus i am kind of a baby about these things.)

this week, darlings, try to remember that everything is up for interpretation, and that there is a power in that open to all of us. we can make our own meanings.


this week’s deck: the wooden tarot