six of cups

innocence / wonder / nostalgia / childhood //

mercury retrograde is one of those things that seemingly everyone knows about when it comes to astrology, but only the simplified version. it’s an excuse when things go wrong. i’m not immune to this, either: my bus was going to be 45 minutes late on friday after work, and i thought, fucking mercury retrograde.

but retrogrades, mercury or otherwise, allow us a chance to slow down, to revisit, to look again.

so too is this the chance given us by the six of cups. i’ve written before about the force nostalgia has had on my life; who i am now is dependent on who i was before. i am constantly revisiting the past, using old photos and journal entries as my guides. (my friends at college used to joke that i was the most well-documented person on campus, but i don’t think they knew why i indulged that compulsion.) i am trying to find a continuous narrative, even though i know that a life is no such thing, not really. the only narrative is one which we create.

but i like what the mesquite tarot guidebook has to say about the six of cups: “feel those echoes of the past and let them help you feel a deeper gratitude for the ever unfolding now.”

this week, darlings, let’s try to remember that we are grounded in the past, even when we feel rootless. let’s be glad we’re all still here.


this week’s deck: mesquite tarot
this week’s plant: dead roses & a mystery plant from a tiny bouquet i bought a couple weeks ago