the devil

addiction / negativity / temptation //

when the devil shows up it’s supposed to be a warning. don’t let that which you are addicted to rule your life. don’t be tempted to give in to materialism or negativity. traditionally it’s a horned beast with wings and furred legs overseeing two humans chained together, showing that when we succumb to temptation, we are not free.

it’s…not my favorite. it reminds me of the witch, in that it appears to confirm all the negative myths and stereotypes.
(this devil does have some of those elements - the horns, the wings, the chains - but she is very cute. i like her.)

this is partially why i stick to decks without humans in them. i love the goat from the wild unknown; i feel like he is on my side and he shows up to help guide me away from the temptation to fall into the traps i can so easily create for myself.

i have too much to say about the devil - milton’s rebellious angel, luci from the wicked + the divine, lucifer as morning star and moon, among others - and not enough time to say it, traveling as i am this weekend. i have spent my spare non-wedding-activity hours typing out paragraphs and deleting them, unsure of what angle i wanted to take.

perhaps the devil will come again. and when it does, i’ll have more to say. until then, darlings, watch out for traps you can easily avoid.


this week’s deck: dreaming way tarot
this week’s rocks: amethyst, epidote