the hanged man

what a fucking week.

i don’t have anything to say about it that hasn’t been said already, but i’d like to share an idea i saw on twitter which reminded me of my last post: hope is a practice. (how difficult, and how essential.) the nightmare is not over yet; money can still be sent to RAICES if you’re able to give.

bats always seem like an obvious choice for the hanged man, a card about choosing a new perspective. they’re much-maligned by humans, but look at this one, holy, its third eye open. i kind of feel like it’s going to open its wings and give me a quest.

i also think of odin, hanging on yggdrasil, paying a price for knowledge. (note: if you, like me, are troubled by norse mythology being associated with white supremacy, check out the heathen’s journey series on little red tarot, specifically this two-part post.) it feels like one end of a spectrum, this self-sacrifice for a new perspective, and i wonder - frequently these days - how to get those at the other end of that spectrum to move a little closer to this one. there is no easy answer, if there is one at all.

anyway. the thing about the hanged man, i think, is that it is a gift to be able to see something from a different angle. stay curious this week, darlings.

this week’s deck: the wooden tarot