the sun

vitality / joy / life //

my mother longed for the sun, for an escape from the greys of binghamton, ny, and so our family moved to florida. her daughter was a moon girl, tugged by the heart toward a reflective rock in the sky, and though she loved her mother, florida was difficult for her. the sun was an omnipresent thing; there was no escaping it.

i was seven, then; ten years later, at seventeen, i left. it took that leaving for me to appreciate the sun. in north carolina, a place with more seasons than florida, i saw the transformation of the sun in winter to a gentler thing. i was able to turn towards it.

(though as anyone who knows me can tell you, i remain a moon girl.)

the energy of this card is that of the best sunny day you can think of, whether that’s an unseasonally sunny october day in portland or a blisteringly hot summer day at the pool with friends. it’s the way that people can be heliotropic, too, and the way that our skin needs the sun.

it reminds us to spend time outside, to appreciate the sun’s light - whether it’s direct or reflected. (sometimes that’s all us moon girls can handle.) i think i’m going to take a walk and bask like a snake in that october sun. enjoy your days this week, darlings, and may they be filled with just enough sunlight.


this week’s deck: personal space tarot
this week’s flowers: sunflowers near alberta three years ago; in retrospect the best part of a bad date