the tower

i am not good at change. (i would like to be someone who is good at change, but i’m not, really.) to be fair, i think most people are probably not good at change. it’s probably why most people are afraid when they see the tower drawn.

“oh no,” they say, seeing it, “that’s bad, right?” (or they’ll just grimace uncomfortably as the card is revealed.)

it’s right up there with death, in terms of cards folks tend to fear. change and death.
the tower is a very specific kind of change - sudden and unexpected. a lightning bolt hitting a tree, a building crashing to the ground. it is a difficult card but it’s not a bad card. mostly because, as i’ve mentioned before, there are no cards in tarot that are all good or all bad. tarot is pretty much all contextual.

in the most recent issue of the wicked + the divine, my sweet garbage boy baphomet says, “you know there’s only one ending. change or die.” (but of course death is a change, too.) we may not have a choice in whether the tower, whether change, visits us, but we do have a choice in how we react to it.

if we resist what the tower brings, we may end up crushed by the rubble. but if we work with it, we can become something new, something beautiful and strong. remember that if the tower appears in your life, darlings.

this week’s deck: the wooden tarot

a/n: this newsletter is a little short and scrambled because i’ve been spending my weekend hanging out with my friend michael (HI MICHAEL) and playing dungeons & dragons. highly recommend.