the winter solstice

happy solstice.
December 21, 2017

yesterday was the shortest day of the year, also known as the winter solstice. we now begin the journey into the lighter half of the year, when days will get longer until we reach the summer solstice in june. then we will start over, days shortening. and so on, and so on, and so on.

i take great comfort in this, in what many pagans call the wheel of the year, that there is a season for everything and none of them are final. grounding myself in the seasons helps remind me that i too am a part of nature, that i go through seasons too, that nothing i am experiencing is final.

you are all lights in the darkness, darlings, and i hope this week is easy for you, no matter if or what you celebrate. and i’ll see you again for a little midweek surprise!