the world

whenever i draw the world, i think of the buddha. enlightenment was the only way i could make sense of the card when i started reading tarot four years ago, and it remains the easiest way for me to access the meaning of it.

in all of the guide books i have, the card is explained as wholeness and completion and integration. it’s framed as something we may only catch glimpses of in this lifetime.
enlightenment is a hard thing to write about. there are many different schools of thought on how one could achieve enlightenment, or whether one can achieve it at all. personally, i like the idea that we’re all already enlightened and we just need to remember - the way that the sun still exists on a cloudy day, even when we can’t see it. because of this, we can accelerate our path to enlightenment by consciously acting enlightened. it’s a little bit like faking it until you make it.

(this isn’t even getting into the ouroboros on the card! the ouroboros, a symbol i loved so much that it became my first tattoo. the ouroboros, a reminder that all things are cyclical.)

there’s a lot more that i could write here, but instead of trying to distill my degree into a newsletter i’ll leave y’all with this: remember, darlings, we can act like the world is within our grasp regardless of whether it is or not.

this week’s deck: mesquite tarot