the sun

vitality / joy / life //

my mother was about as old as i am now, with two children and a husband she would soon divorce, when she left everything she knew to follow the sun. she wanted a chance at joy, and so she made one for herself. i cannot imagine how difficult it was for her. still she did it.

when i think of my mother’s life, i often remember this sentence from anita diamant’s the red tent: “The more a daughter knows the details of her mother’s life - without flinching or whining - the stronger the daughter.”

i was young when my mother first started telling me her story but i was an eager container. i loved my mother fiercely. i wanted to protect her; i wanted to go back in time and protect her from all that had transpired.

i am a moon girl, but the sun i am reflecting is my mother.

the guidebook for the mequite tarot admits that the sun is a card of simplicity, and i admit i don’t have much more to say about the card itself than i did the last time it came up.

this week, darlings, let’s make a conscious effort to choose joy when we can. it won’t always be easy, but i bet it will be worth it.


this week’s deck: mesquite tarot
this week’s crystals: citrine, milky quartz, quartz